Canada: Unemployment Rate: 8.5%

November Unemployment Rate is 8.5%, it was expected to be 9.0% versus 8.9% previously.


Canada: Change in Employment m/m: 62.1

November Change in Employment is 62.1, it was expected to be 20.0 versus 83.6 previously.


USA: Trade Balance: -63.1 B USD

October Trade Balance is -63.1 B USD, it was expected to be -64.8 B USD versus -63.90 B USD previously.


USA: Unemployment Rate: 6.7%

November Unemployment Rate is 6.7%, it was expected to be 6.8% versus 6.9% previously.


USA: Change in Non-Farm Payrolls: 000

November Change in Non-Farm Payrolls is 000, it was expected to be 469 000 versus 638 000 previously.

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