When investing, your capital is at risk and you may get back less than invested. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

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Investing 101

The basics of investing. Start here.


Should investors worry about inflation?

Understand how inflation affects your investments and discover strategies to beat it and protect your wealth.


Extended hours trading

Learn about the mechanisms and implications of investing outside of regular trading sessions with this guide.


Is investing small amounts worth it?

So you’ve only got a small amount of money and you’re wondering, ‘is it even worth investing?’. In short, the answer is yes.


Multi-currency accounts

This article is an informative read that proves how a multi-currency account can be a game-changer.


What is an ISA and how does it work?

Individual Savings Accounts are very useful tax ‘wrappers’ available for UK investors.


When should you sell a stock?

Learn about Warren Buffet’s 4 favourite techniques for when to sell a stock.


Top investing mistakes to avoid

Avoid these 13 common mistakes investors make to improve your chance for better investment returns.


Tips for setting up an investment budget

Minimising fees and utilising your monthly stock budget effectively might require you to look into new investment techniques.


What is dollar cost averaging?

Are you looking to reduce the risk of bad timing? Dollar cost averaging might be the solution.


Finding the best stocks for a recession

Learn how to choose stocks that weather economic downturns and safeguard your investments.


What is a bear market?

Investing in industries that have outperformed in past recessions may help protect your portfolio. Adopting these four strategies will help you build a defensive portfolio that should weather a recession better than if you’d not taken any action at all to get defensive.


How to read financial statements?

Understanding financial statements is vital to long-term business and investing profitability.


S&P 500 index: Using indices for investing

What is the S&P 500 exactly? How is it used and why should you, as an investor, care about it?


What is a stock split?

Why do companies do stock splits? Find out what this means for your shares and investments.


Beginner’s guide to diversification in investing

Preserving existing wealth is as important as creating more of it - a fact often missed by market newcomers.


Active vs Passive investing

Are you torn between active and passive investing? Here we explore both sides and help you decide which approach might be best for you.


What to invest in during a recession?

As long-term investors, we have to manage our portfolios in every type of environment. In recessions, we can look towards defensive investing.


Pre-market and after-hours trading

Have you ever wondered how to capture those big moves in the stock market that happen before and after regular trading hours?


The ultimate guide to fractional shares

What does it mean to own a fraction of a stock? How can that benefit you? Learn about these and many more in this articles.


What is gross domestic product (GDP)?

The most recognised way to measure the economic performance of a country is relied upon by investors and analysts.


How to do fractional Investing?

Looking to get a better grasp of how fractional shares work? We dive deep into the concept along with examples to help you make the most out of this revolutionary tool.


Timing the market vs time in the market

Timing the markets? Even if you could do it perfectly, it still might not produce the best investment returns.


Investment returns: balancing risk & reward

Chasing after a spectacular portfolio return isn’t always the best idea. It’s usually more rational to settle for consistent, reasonable returns.


New ideas on bear market investing

Strategies that work in bull markets don’t work as well in bear markets. In bear markets, it’s time to switch.


How to invest in ETFs?

How-to guide on one of the most popular investment options known to provide diversification and lower costs.


Investing in big vs small companies

Companies come in all shapes and sizes, but what’s the best size company to invest in?


Online vs traditional investing

Have you ever wondered how investing was done before the disruption of online brokerages? In this artcle we deep dive into the different types of brokerages out there.


What is a bull market?

Dive deeper into the bull markets, explore the past examples and see what future may hold.


How to invest in stocks in the UK?

Learn some handy tips on where to start, what to invest in and how to enhance your investing strategy.


Spotting a recession in the UK

How to identify a recession, and how do we survive one? We explore examples from the UK and Europe and compare inflation and recession.

How to invest during inflation?

Are you worried your hard-earned investment returns will be eaten away by inflation?

Asset classes explained: definition and examples

From stocks to real estate, we deep dive into the different asset classes and how to use them to diversify your portfolio.

The most common order types for stocks

Overwhelmed by the different types of orders available? Choosing the right one might be essential.

What is the stock market and how does it work?

The stock market may seem intimidating to understand at first, but it’s actually quite simple.

Brokerage account vs ISA vs GIA

Which one should you pick? Your investment account can determine how much tax you pay and what you can invest in.

Money market vs Capital market

Investors are advised to keep their money spread across various assets. But how can one achieve a healthy mix?

The world’s greatest investors & who to follow in 2024

Learn who the greatest investors of all time are and explore what makes them successful.

The role of inflation in the UK

All serious investors and financial professionals understand inflation, as it can eat away at wealth.

IPO meaning: Initial Public Offering

Are IPOs worth the risk? How can you spot a good one? Check the answers to these questions and more.

Warren Buffett's rules for investing

Learn Buffett's top investment principles, such as the 90/10 rule, the 10% rule in stocks, and other investment strategies.

Different types of investments to include in your portfolio

Not sure whether and when to include a specific asset class in your portfolio? Look no further...

Investing in index funds

You've heard of them. But what are index funds and how can you use them to diversify your portfolio?

Alpha vs Beta in investing performance

Explore the difference between alpha and beta - the dynamic duo that defines your portfolio's performance.

What is liquidity in financial markets & business?

Sometimes there is more to wealth than assets. Liquidity, for example, is needed for investment purposes and for running a business.

Systematic risk analysis

Explore this critical risk component in-depth, including sources and effects on investment outcomes.

Stock vs share

Ever wondered what's the difference? We dissect the terms with types and examples.

Smart investing on a small budget

It's a common misconception that investing is only for the wealthy. Learn some savvy strategies on tight budget investing and start your compound journey today.

Market value

What is market value, how it's calculated and how it can help you in your investment journey?

Benchmarking in investing

Not sure how your investments perform compared to the rest of the market? This article might be the right fit.

Risk management methods

We've compiled crucial measurement methods and strategies to help you effectively manage and mitigate risk.

Retail vs institutional investors

"Retail investors" have gained quite the popularity in recent years. But how do they differ from the institutional ones?

Identifying meme stocks

Ever wondered why certain stocks suddenly take off despite average or even poor financials?

Earnings per share (EPS)

Confused by EPS figures in stock reports? You're not alone. Learn all about earning per share and how to include it in your analysis.

Shareholders vs stakeholders

Whose voice reigns supreme? We dive into two concepts which are often misunderstood and provide clarity to help you understand the differences.

Stock outperform

Stock analyst ratings like outperform and overweight can help you navigate the stock market more confidently.

Smart money

You've probably heard the terms 'smart money', 'insider buying' and 'dumb money'. Find out more on those here.

Asset appreciation vs depreciation

Understand how to spot the growth potential and what to expect from each asset type.

Stock analysis fundamentals

We dissect the stock analysis essentials to stock you up with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Growth stocks

Long-term opportunities or short-term gems? Read how to detect growth stocks and how they differ from the rest.

Share buyback

Why do companies buy back shares and who profits from this? Find the answers in our guide.

Total expense ratio (TER)

Arm yourself with yet another tool to empower your investment journey and learn how to compare ETFs.

How to calculate the percentage gain or loss?

Which factors impact your portfolio's performance and how to work out the profit or loss.

Capital investment

Explore our beginners' giude and dive deeper into how to create a capital investment cycle.

Financial securities

In this article, we compare and contrast the pros and cons of the different types of financial securities.

Effective annual interest rate (EAR)

Knowing EAR will put you one step ahead when considering all available financial products.

Risk vs volatility

Learn how your investment strategies can benefit from distinguishing between the two.

A practical guide to using social media insights

Take a look at our guide for analyzing financial information you find on social media.

Volatility trading guide

Learn the main drivers for volatility and essential strategies on how to navigate it effectively.

Why social media isn't your best advisor?

We outline 6 aspects to look out when analysing social media content for investing purposes.

The impact of social media and finfluencers on investing

Dive into our guide on dealing with information found on social media and how to detect the relevant insights.

Liquidity risk

We break down liquidity risk and reveal insights and strategies that every investor should know.

Hurdle rates

Is an investment worth it? Hurdle rates, along with other essential metrics, can help you find out.

Value stocks and growth stocks

Discover how to spot and compare risks in both value and growth stocks and build a balanced portfolio.

How to calculate average stock price?

If you buy a stock more than once, you need to consider the average purchase price. Find how in our guide.

ROI vs ROE vs ROA vs ROC

Wonder what Return on Investment, Equity, Assets and Capital mean? No worries, we got you covered.

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